MTNTK Patriot Boost High Flow Aux Intake

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The number one problem with mountain sleds is the air intake, and the Patriot Boost is no exception.  Class leading power and performance, but get into the bottomless powder snow conditions we hope and pray for and the intakes will plug and leave you without power. The Matryx chassis leaves little room for modifying the intake track to add additional vent surface area, or requires hacking on the overall sleek and polished exterior to add the intake area you need.  The MTNTK PATRIOT BOOST HIGH FLOW AUX INTAKE is the solution.  We replaced the factory connector duct/hose assembly that goes from the air intake plenum to the turbocharger with a new assembly.  This new assembly retains the sensor and air flow that the stock air intake provides and adds a vacuum controlled auxiliary intake that allows additional airflow to the turbocharger during a vent plugged event.  Normal flow until required, and then drawing underhood air less likely to be filled with snow when you need it.  The MTNTK Performance designed aux air valve opens and closes as needed.  The use of a spherical design in the air valve allows maximum directed path airflow in a small package, large enough to allow all engine air if needed to be drawn through it.  This eliminates the dreaded powder bog and prevents accidental stucks. We tested this design the entire 2022/2023 season and found it to work phenomenal.  No other product compares in laminar air flow, FOD protection and performance.  Even though cold air is prefered for horsepower, no air from powder plugging is far more of a problem than warmed underhood air.   Our vacuum valve closes when not needed to prevent excess warm air from reducing horsepower. 

    • Replaces the entire intake hose/adapter.
    • includes Outerwears pre-filter to prevent snow entry and FOD (Foreign Object Damage).
    • Only 2 holes need to be drilled for the plastic retaining darts to install
    • Allows entire volume of air the engine needs if required - even tested with +3psi tunes.
    • No ugly vents/modifications external.
    • More effective than adding external venting that can still plug up in deep powder.
    • 1.6lb gain installed - But if you get stuck because you went without it, around 500lbs!

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