Fly Racing Prizm Knee Guard - (Med/Large)

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This is a great knee and shin protection for snowmobiling, its just a perfect length to stay above the boots. In developing their Prizm Knee Guards, Fly Racing has developed and used their own high density foam. It has a prismatic sliced pattern and becomes suppler as it reacts to body temperature. This allows the pad to take the shape of and conform to the user’s leg. The front has heavy duty kevlar panels and the rear is open to prevent material bunching. Fit and comfort are enhanced further with an innovative upper calf lacing system. This allows for individual sizing and adjustments that are easily made even with gloves on.


  • RPF = Reaktiv Prizm Foam.
  • Kevlar front panels - heavy duty front panels with high abrasion resistance to increase durability of the pad.
  • Side knee protection
  • Moisture wicking, antibacterial lycra pad liner
  • 'Floating' neoprene patella cup with silicon printing to centralize the pad and prevent it from slipping down
  • Strategically placed elastic banding with silicon printing to help prevent the pad from slipping down
  • Open back design
  • Asymmetric design to have left and right specific for improved fit and function
  • Extensive use of flatlock stitching for increased strength, durability and comfort
  • Upper calf lacing system