509 Dan Adams X5 Sinister Goggles

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Dan Adams Signature Series X5 Sinister Snow Goggle

  • Comes with a Low Light Blue Lens
  • Fog Free Lens Technology- Permanent FOG FREE coating on a dual Polycar­bonate (PC) anti-scratch lens. Fog proofing & du­rability like you've never seen before.
  • Improved Visibility- The X5, is ½ inch taller than our traditional Sinister, giving you the absolute best vision possible.
  • Phantom Frame Technology- Through advanced engineering, the X5 features PHANTOM frame technology, that allows the frame to be virtually hidden from your field of view.
  • Removable Nosemask- The X5, features a restyled oversized & removable nosemask to keep you warm and comfortable. It's simply the best nosemask in the game.
  • Perfect Fit Outriggers- The X5 Perfect Fit Outrigger system, moves the strap mount points forward, giving you a better seal against your face, with evenly applied pressure for that perfect fit.