Bikeman 850 SNYPR Clutch Weight Set

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Polaris SNYPR weight set was designed in house for quick changes to clutching and maximum adjustability. No need to remove the Primary cover and spring to swap out magnets. Simply pull the side panel off the sled and use the different length set screws or tungsten slugs to adjust RPM and belt pinch. These weights come with 3 adjustable holes in the side to add up to 12 magnets and a center hole at the heal for weight screws and slugs. Perfect for a turbo or N/A setup. The kit comes with a set of magnets, 3 different size set screws & tungsten slugs. These weights are perfect for that tuner looking to get the most out of their machine and make quick adjustments on the fly. Weights adjust from 58 to 90 grams


It is important to understand your Snypr weights and terminology. There are four quadrants within the Snypr weight. Each quadrant has a specific duty. The chart below shows each quadrant and shows how much effect each quadrant has as speed increases. At 0% shift your clutches are in the base position and the lowest gear. At 100%shift your clutches are fully shifted into the highest ratio, speed can increase above this point but only from rpm rising above the target peak hp.