SLP Outlaw Twin Pipes™ Stage 1: 2019-20 Polaris 850 RMK AND (SKS 155)

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This Outlaw Twin Pipes™ Stage 1 kit combines all of the recommended parts together for ease of ordering. It provides a extra 17 horsepower peak with healthy low end and midrange increases and 6 pounds of weight savings. This kit has been one of the most highly sought after kits in SLP history due to its incredible performance, healthy sound and cool looks. Order early as these kits will be limited. At time of catalog printing, these kits were only available for elevations of 5000’ and higher. Lower elevations will be opened as the snow season progresses. And watch for the release of the Outlaw Twin Pipes™ Stage 2 kit which will include an SLP Power Dome™ Head Set on top of the Stage 1 kit parts for even more peak and midrange horsepower.

Kit includes; SLP Twin Pipe Set, Flash Tuner, Power Shift™ Clutch Kit, High Flow™ Intake Kit, Hot Air Elimination™ Kit and Torque Arm.